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  Images and descriptions are examples of the types of products included in the baskets. Due to availability and seasons, products may be substituted with equal or greater products.
May All Your Mail Be Good News
Personalized ceramic envelope holds all your mail for you. Give us the persons name and address for the front with a date (birthday, holiday, new home move in, anything!) and what you would like wtirren on the back. Could be your name and address or any salutation, perhaps, may all your mail be good news! Comes gift boxed.

Ceramic House Cookie Jar
Free personalization with home owner's name and street address on front, inside lid can be who it is from, date and practically anything else you would like written. Free gift wrapping.

White Sox
This basket was made for a raffle and they wanted all items that are White Sox related which included pants and shirt,  car travel mug, bottle cooler, license plate frame, White Sox peanuts, popcorn, cracker jacks, key chain, pretzels, baseball, cookies, cheese straws, and of course beer.

This person wanted a candle themed basket for a giveaway.  We had a Ferris wheel holding tea light candles, two coffee cup candles, and two mirror candle holders.  We also added rose note cards and beautiful hand towels to finish off this unusual and beautiful basket.

Ho Ho Ho
Cute Santa basket holds lots of yummy teats for all to enjoy. Holiday chocolate covered popcorn, white chocolate with cranberry cookies, chocolate covered Oreo w/stars, dark chocolate holiday non pareils, box of mints, mixed nut tray, cheese, crackers and chocolate covered cranberries, coffee and flavored dipping spoon.

Cookie Monster
Calling all Cookie Monsters. Come taste these delicious cookies...key lime, lemon poppy seed shortbread, vanilla walnut crescent, 2 biscotti, chocolate Oreo w/candy stars, sugar cookies, peppermint snaps, and snicker doodle. All these wonderful cookies are accompanied with hot coco and coffee. Give the cookie monster in your life something special. (cookies will change with seasons)

Party On
Going to a party or wanting to send the perfect Holiday Basket then this is it.  Chock full of treats to make everyone happy.  We begin with vanilla walnut cookies, tray of nuts including: cashews, butter toffee peanuts, praline mix nuts and mixed nuts with peanuts, cheese straws, sausage, cheese spread, crackers, smoked salmon, box of chocolate mints, chocolate truffles, lemon poppy seed cookies, chocolate covered Oreo's with snowflakes. holiday popcorn with drizzled chocolate, sugar cookies and lastly, seasoned pretzels.

Coffees On
Two packages of Godiva flavored coffees, chocolate flavored mixing spoon, almond biscotti, peppermint biscotti, and chocolate covered cashews with sea salt is the perfect pick me up any time of the day.

Peppermint Twist
If you like peppermint, chocolate and coffee then you will love this basket.  Starting off with chocolate covered cranberries, chocolate peppermint bark, flavored coffees, dark chocolate non pareils, peppermint biscotti, peppermint shortbread cookies, red raspberry tea, chocolate drizzled popcorn, decorated chocolate covered Oreo's and seasoned pretzels then this basket is for you.

Mama Mia
Oh mama, I love this basket, it has something for everyone..especially pizza lovers.  Our pizza is hand made with popcorn then drizzled with the yummiest of chocolates and a thick chocolate crust, for pasta lovers that's covered too.  Angel hair pasta, roasted garlic grape seed oil, garlic herb sauce, olives, crispy olive oil chips and to top it off, a CD of beautiful Italian music to listen to while eating this wonderfully delicious dinner.

Fall is in the Air
Get a start on the holidays with this stunning fall basket.  Box of milk and dark assorted chocolates, delicious honey berry snack mix, cheddar cheese popcorn, outstanding key lime cookies, herb almonds, tray of assorted dried fruits, cranberry and almond cookies, dark chocolate covered almonds, crackers, guacamole dip, sausage and seasoned pretzels.

Nosh a Little More
This kosher baskets contains mini chocolate chip cookies, cheese straw sticks and lots of Ghirardelli chocolate. Fun to bring, send or share with someone you love.

Spring Is In The Air
Reusable planter will hold years of enjoyment when all the wonderful treats have been eaten.  Delicious lemon cookies, citrus bark candy, adorable sundae cup filled with vanilla almond bark candy, candy coated sunflower seeds, and Hawaiian pasta salad.

Luck of the Irish
How lucky is this Irish man or woman to receive a pot of gold filled with cheese and crackers, candy coated sunflower seeds, lucky  money mint candy bar, chocolate coins, a plaque for St. Patrick's day and a wearable St. Pats bow tie.

It's Showtime Two!
Large plastic popcorn container and two matching popcorn holders gives going to the movies a new meaning! Filled with butter popcorn, large box of Dots, Snowcaps, Raisinets, and large Baby Ruth.

Fall On Me
Fall is in the air and what better way to say I'm thinking of you than to send this beautiful basket.  Filled with pasta in the shapes and colors of fall leaves, French semi sweet chocolate covered Macadamia nuts, cheese straws, orange candy slices, fall sugar cookies, candy coated sunflower seeds, biscotti, coffee and fall candy suckers top off this delicious treat.  Beautifully finished with a hand tied bow.

My Happy Feet
Know someone who is into walking, running, working out or just standing on their feet all day?  This gift basket will be a life saver for just that person.  A basket filled to the brim with foot balm, gel booties, foot scrubber, bath pillow, shower gel, body lotion, bath salts, bath sponge and the all relaxing CD.

Chicago My Kind Of Town
Know someone coming to Chicago?  What a great gift basket for them to receive.  This basket contains Chicago Cubs peanuts in the shell, bottled water, box of Chicago Skyline mint candies, Chicago mug, chips and gum.  Most of these products were made in Chicago making this a special Chicago basket.

Going On A Picnic
This custom gift basket was ordered and used as a raffle prize. The picnic basket contained a lemon-aid ice cream cone, chocolate covered pretzel rods, margarita hard candies, chocolate bumble bees, B.B.Q. snack mix, pasta salad mix, candy coated sunflower seeds, lemon tea cookies, box of chocolate band-aids, chocolate aspirin and napkins.

Chicken Soup To The Rescue
This resuable box holds treats to make anyone feel better.  Chicken Noodle soup, Dr. Feel Good Snack mix, box of chocolate band-aids for the boo boo, chocolate asprin for the pain, yummie chocolate chip cookies, flavored teas, boxed note cards, assorted dried fruits and some hard candies makes someone smile with glee.

Egg Hunt
Beautiful basket filled with soft plush rabbit, crisps chocolate bunny, fudge filled rabbits, marshmallow bunnies, peeps, malt eggs, caramel cups, Double Bubble Gum eggs, toy, M&M's.  Tummy here I come!

Play Time
Pail & shovel stuffed with lots of things to keep busy.  Coloring book, crayons, paints and brushes, bubbles, candy, blow pop, and play dough.

Sweet & Healthy
*For Illinois Residents Only* No need to send a full fruit basket when just a little goes a long way. This size is just perfect for the well wisher who wants to send healthy & sweet treats.  Fresh fruit, baked chips, cheese sticks, chocolate covered pretzels, cashews, short bread cookies, assorted chocolates and chocolate covered almonds.

Soak away the day laying on your bath pillow, listening to a CD, enjoying the soft scent of a candle, along with a body wash, bath buff, eye mask, head band, foot brush, guest towels and note cards, your day has ended beautifully.

Home Sweet Home
When empty this quaint box can hold pictures, papers, letters, etc.  Filled it holds lots of good eats.  Call It Home snack mix, Home Sweet Home sugar cookies, Welcome to your New Home assorted teas, box of chocolates, seasoned pretzels, baked chips, popcorn and chocolate covered fruits.

It's Showtime!
For a fun time at home, a party gift or even a get well gift, this is a great basket.  Filled to the top with cheddar popcorn and two popcorn containers, Nestle Crunch, Good & Plenty, Goobers, Dots, Butterfinger, Chocolate Raisins, and M & M's, who could ask for more?

It Ain't Junk To Me!
What Junk Food Junkie wouldn't love these treats! Yummie chocolate chip cookies, cheddar cheese popcorn, crunchy baked potato thins, seasoned pretzels, snack mix, cheese sticks, chocolate candy bar & large malt balls.

Soaking Up The Sun
Relaxing with tea poured from the floral tea pot, and enjoying some chocolates, this gift gives someone all the fixings to start planting.  A beautiful flower pot will grow flowers from the seed packages while the little garden tools will help in keeping them growing strong.  When ready to be outside, your garden gloves and knee pad will come in handy for transplanting.

Spa Night
This night of relaxation starts with a scented candle, gel eye mask, de-stress neck wrap, bath pillow and sponge.  While listing to the relaxation CD the recipient can dream of the ever so soft slippers she will be stepping into.  When all relaxed she can send you a thank you on her beautiful note cards.

It's Glute To Me
This basket is loaded with GLUTEN FREE and SUGAR FREE treats. To indulge in snack times we've added vegetable chips, cheese puffs, popcorn, assorted candy bars, pecan cookies and chocolate chips, ALL GLUTEN FREE.  Then we added for your sweet tooth, vanilla wafers, strawberry wafers, peanut butter cups, pecan bars and fudge logs, ALL SUGAR FREE. Be Happy, Be Healthy.

Sports Fan!
Can't make up your mind what sport he likes best, combine them into one great basket.  For the Cubs a stuffed bear in uniform, talking baseball, bat pen, baseball note pad, bat candy, and a Cubs magnet.  Can't forget the Bears!  We start with a Bears ceramic coffee mug for the house and a Bears travel  mug for the car!  Add a football note pad, Bears pen, Bears magnet, football filled with candy, Godiva coffee, biscotti and a bag of popcorn. A sports lovers dream!

Bunny Hop
Pastel pail is crammed full of Easter treats.  Starting with a cute stuffed bunny, coloring book, crayons, marshmallow bunnies, bubbles, play dough, chocolate bunny, carrot jump rope and chocolate crispy bunny treats.  Any child would love this gift.

Go Bears!
Every Bears fan is going to want one of these baskets.  It's loaded with ALL Chicago Bears treats including: a shatter football (place it on someone's window and it looks like you made a pass thru it!), slammer football (makes a noise when thrown), towel, set of four plastic tumblers, key chain, travel car mug, pen, car flag, playing cards, window decal, nite light, magnetic cup holder, sports teddy bear and chocolate football candy.  All ready for fun!

Our New Baby Boy
Pastel basket brings to this new family a large soft stuffed Teddy bear, rubber ducks, 1st foot print kit, new baby snack mix, pacifier, corner guards, baby outfit, set of wash cloths, rattle and box of wipes and disposable diaper bags.

Silver Delight
One of our best sellers. A beautiful presentation of treats in a star studded reusable tray.  We start off with gourmet English toffee, cranberry pecan cookies, French vanilla cappuccino, garlic pesto dip, chocolate fruit, sinful white fudge covered popcorn with almonds, lemon snowball cookies, festive pretzels and a holiday decorated krispy treat. Medium $ 65.00  Small $55.00 (products will vary)

Frosty the Snowman
This adorable reusable metal snowman tub brings Frosty right to your door.  Starting with a Lindt chocolate snowman, snowflake chocolate pretzels, creamy French truffles, snowman jelly beans, snowman fortune cookies, chocolate drizzled popcorn, hot cocoa cone with mini marshmallows, flavored coffee, and cheese and crackers.  Cuddle up to a warm fire with these treats!

Pick A Pumpkin
We filled this custom pumpkin with marshmallow pumpkins, M&M's festive pretzels and graham cookies, mom's apple pie cookies, cheese popcorn, crispy pumpkin bar, cinnamon almonds, and fall sugar cookies. Yummy! (decorations not included)

Fall Is In The Air
Everyone will love to receive this fall basket filled with fall sugar cookies, hot cocoa mix, festive marshmallows, fall decorated graham cookies and pretzels, Rosemary baked chips, toffee cashew nuts, tea, almond & white fudge covered popcorn and seasoned snack mix.

A Holiday To Remember
Large gift basket brings thoughts of the Holidays. Microwave fudge mix, shortbread cookies, English Toffee, truffles, chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate cone, caramel apple candy bark and a personalized ceramic envelope.

Thank You!
Planter box helps grow memories with apple pie cookies, assorted dried fruits, lemon teas, chocolate & peanut butter pretzel bites, licorice, chocolate thank you candy bar, thanks a million snack mix and popcorn.

It's A Girl/It's a Boy
Large soft Teddy bear welcomes baby with a wicker bassinet filled with baby's first foot print kit, rubber ducks, baby outfit, disposable bibs, baby wipes, and a three piece manicure set.

Going Shopping
Mini shopping cart is filled with dipping pretzels and mustard, olives, home snack mix, candy coated sunflower seeds, assorted dried fruits, flavored coffees, chocolate chip cookies, biscotti, tea, jelly, cheese, crackers, chocolate cherries and Ghiradelli chocolate squares.

Thinking of You
Box filled with treats and toys for your best friend or someone else's.

An Apple A Day
Dr. Feel Good snack mix, chocolate aspirin, chocolate band-aids, assorted dried fruits, seasoned pretzels, get well assorted flavored teas, dark chocolate covered walnuts, chocolate covered Oreos.

Picnic in the Park
Wooden and metal bench with pasta salad, salad dressing, seasoned pretzels, chedar popcorn, cheese, cheese spreader, crackers, keylime cookies, assorted dried fruits, pistachio nut and assorted taffy.

Nature's Best Fruit Basket
A combination of Nature's Best fruits in a custom arranged basket. This basket will be made to your specifications, please call to order.




Products may be substituted with equal or greater products, and
we will customize any gift basket, just give us a call – (847) 459-1191.

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