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*** Please note : Custom Baskets are not available for Free Shipping due to difference in basket contents and the associated weights.***
White Sox
This basket was made for a raffle and they wanted all items that are White Sox related which included pants and shirt,  car travel mug, bottle cooler, license plate frame, White Sox peanuts, popcorn, cracker jacks, key chain, pretzels, baseball, cookies, cheese straws, and of course beer.

This person wanted a candle themed basket for a giveaway.  We had a Ferris wheel holding tea light candles, two coffee cup candles, and two mirror candle holders.  We also added rose note cards and beautiful hand towels to finish off this unusual and beautiful basket.

Nature's Best Fruit Basket
A combination of Nature's Best fruits in a custom arranged basket. This basket will be made to your specifications, please call to order.

Workers Comp
This custom basket was made for a Workers Compensation convention and they requested us to include some play tools and health related products.  We decorated a wooden tool box planter with the plastic tools and filled the basket with get well teas, Dr. Feel Good snack mix, nurse mini chocolate chip cookies, bag of Nuts & Bolts pretzels, assorted dried fruits, cashews, dipping pretzels with mustard and biscotti.

Crystal Clear Sugar Free
This basket was made for a person that was just diagnosed with Diabetes so we filled it with port wine cheese biscuits, garlic & herb cheese, crackers, smoked salmon, dipping pretzels, dipping mustard's, cheddar cheese straws, roasted almonds and an assortment of sugar free candies such as: tootsie rolls, peppermints, coffee flavored and assorted fruit candy.

Crystal Clear Outstanding
This custom basket was for a special high school student who just recently won The Leadership Award from the Daily Herald and volunteers with the Special Olympics.  He is also hoping to go to South Carolina College.  This basket represents all that is dear to him which includes Nerf football and basketball, lots of assorted junk foods, a small trophy and a South Carolina luggage tag.  An upstanding basket for an upstanding young man.

Crystal Clear Who Let The Dog Out
A wood and wrought iron picnic bench brings a smile to ones face when looking at this custom basket.  With lots of treats to eat and a dog & bee playing in the park, how cute is that!

Hotel Guests Welcome Bags Hotel Guests Welcome Bags
Welcoming those who have come in for your "special party" these bags can include fruit, candy, cookies, snacks, anything you want, after all, it is your party.

I'm Retired! I'm Retired!
This gentlemen was off to the mountains to fish and hunt for his retirement.  This basket was filled with treats to get his started on the right direction.  Starting off with a handy compartmentalized tackle box, gummy worms, ba of gold fish, compass/whistle, binoculars, rock candies, hot cocoa, and trail snack mix.

For The Love Of The Game For The Love Of The Game
This basket was made for someone in the hospital who loves ONLY THE CUBS, and BBQ. It is just full of wonderful treats to eat and books to read.

My Happy Feet Happy Birthday Golfer
Happy Birthday to this avid golfer.  This custom basket is filled with all sorts of their favorite sport...GOLF.  Some of the items included in this basket are a golf accessory set, golf luggage tag, golf tees, golf pen, golf snow globe, golf flip flops, golf rain hood for their clubs and to munch along the way, Happy Birthday snack mix, cheese straws, chocolate bark candy, chocolate drizzled popcorn, assorted fruit gels, sunflower seeds, chocolate chip cookies and Bailey chocolates.  Happy Birthday to this lucky person!

My Happy Feet My Happy Feet
Know someone who is into walking, running, working out or just standing on their feet all day?  This gift basket will be a life saver for just that person.  A basket filled to the brim with foot balm, gel booties, foot scrubber, bath pillow, shower gel, body lotion, bath salts, bath sponge and the all relaxing CD.

Get Well Soon Get Well Soon
The person receiving this get well basket had several interests and was a fun basket to create.  This particular recipient was a life guard, body builder and college student.  We put in a pair of flip flops, life guard whistle, life saver candy, power bars, baby oil, a book journal, picture frame, smile face mug, strawberry milk & cookie cone, Snoopy stuffed animal, baked chips, lemon tea cookies, note cards, dried fruit snack mix, seasoned pretzels, raspberry teas, lemon chews, chocolate band aids, chocolate aspirin, Dr. Feel Good snack mix and a Tongue Twister joke book.

Legal Traveler Legal Traveler
The person receiving this basket was an attorney who loved to travel so we gave him a chocolate air plane, I Object Your Honor chocolate bar, Best Ever Lawyer Joke Book, Godiva chocolates, boxed note cards, Belgain chocolate wafer cookies, seasoned pretzels, dipping mustard, chocolate fruit clusters, chocolate drizzled popcorn, watermelon chews, chocolate raisins, cheese straws, butter toasted peanuts, Godiva coffee,  flavored coffee spoons, chocolate pretzel rods, assorted dried fruits and a box of pastel mints.

Something For Everyone Something For Everyone
This basket was made for a family that loved to golf, shop, gamble, eat gummie bears and just purchased a new home.  It contained a box of Godiva white chocolates, chocolate dress and hat, gummie bears, Godiva almond barks, chocolate playing cards, new home snack mix, chocolate drizzled popcorn, Chicken Soup for the Golfers Soul book, chocolate golf balls, cashews, butter toasted peanuts, lemonade cone, dark chocolate orange peels, lemon chews, lemon cookies, chocolate int cookies, chocolate covered pretzel rods, seasoned pretzels, dipping mustard, Godiva coffee, assorted teas, Godiva key lime truffles, shortbread cookies and assorted dried fruits.

For The Whole Family For The Whole Family
This basket was made for a family which included a movie producer, a wife who loved to shop and a pet dog they adored.  This basket contained box of white chocolate from Godiva, chocolate movie ticket,  chocolate dress, fudge covered popcorn with cashews, lemonade cone, seasoned pretzels, caramel dipping sauce, champagne flavored jelly, watermelon candy chews, watermelon cookies, flavored teas, butter toasted peanuts, Godiva coffee, flavored coffee spoons, biscotti, cashews, dark chocolate orange peels, chocolate covered pretzel rods, shortbread cookies, assorted dry fruits, artichoke dip, Godiva keyline truffles, dog shaped pasta and garlic & herb pasta sauce.

Going On A Picnic Going On A Picnic
This custom gift basket was ordered and used as a raffle prize. The picnic basket contained a lemon-aid ice cream cone, chocolate covered pretzel rods, margarita hard candies, chocolate bumble bees, B.B.Q. snack mix, pasta salad mix, candy coated sunflower seeds, lemon tea cookies, box of chocolate band-aids, chocolate aspirin and napkins.




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